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Eye Health and Vision Conditions

The senses play a very important role in our lives. On a daily basis we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste things that we happen upon. These five senses help us make sense of the world on a daily basis. For example, with our sight we see things that we know will make us happy, sad or even be a potential danger.

The sense of sight is given to us from our eyes. The eye is a remarkable organ, which transmits images from the world to our brain. Once sent to the brain, it is processed and understood. The eyes are the gateway for our lives to the outside world. Because of this, the eyes have a vital role in our lives.

  • National Eye Institute – official government website providing a wide range of information on eye health, eye care and other important topics.
  • Eyes for Kids – educational page containing information on the eye with a focus on kids and education.
  • Parts of the Eye – informative site aimed at kids to help teach them the various parts of the eye and their function.
  • Common Eye Disorders – helpful summary of the various types of disorders and concerns associated with the eye.
  • Eye Simulator – interesting information on how the eye operates with a useful eye simulator page.

However, the eyes need to be functioning properly in order for us to utilize our sense of sight. When it does not function properly, this will hinder this sense from operating efficiently. There are a number of eye health conditions that will or can create vision problems for people. They range from inconvenient problems such as color blindness to more serious problems which can lead to permanent vision loss such as Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.

Here are some helpful websites with information on a number of common eye disorders. Please browse these resources to learn more about them


  • Astigmatism Information – informative site providing information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for the eye disorder.
  • Definition of Astigmatism – brief explanation and definition of what the eye condition is and how it affects people.
  • What is Astigmatism? – useful site containing an explanation of the eye disorder and what can help it.


  • Cataract Overview – helpful page discussing the problems the people encounter who have cataracts and the impact on vision.
  • Cataracts and Senior Health – informative overview of the various aspects of senior citizens who have cataracts.
  • Cataract Information – information from the CDC providing a wide range of topics pertaining to having cataracts.
  • Cataracts – useful educational page with information on the eye condition and treatment options.

Color Blindness

  • Color Blindness – information on what causes color blindness in people and how it affects the way they see.
  • Color Blindness Overview – useful site providing people with information on the causes, prevention and treatment of color blindness.
  • What is Color Blindness? – description and information on the eye condition and what can be done to treat the disorder.

Double Vision

  • Diplopia – informative site providing an overview of the condition commonly known as double vision.
  • Correcting Double Vision – information on new techniques which can be used to correct double vision problems.
  • Diplopia Defined – brief summary and definition of the problems associated with double vision.


  • Glaucoma Information – informative government site with information on Glaucoma and its effect on the eye.
  • Glaucoma Risks – useful site with information on how you may be at risk of having Glaucoma.
  • Information on Glaucoma – eye health and the effect of having Glaucoma are talked about in this useful website.
  • Glaucoma Video – helpful site providing a video and explanation of what is Glaucoma and how it affects people’s vision.

Macular Degeneration

Eye Health Resources

  • Healthy Eyes – useful page containing information and resources on how to have healthy eyes and vision.
  • Vision Resources – site providing some additional resources for healthy eyes and vision.
  • Eye Health Resources – resources collection of links and information on eye health.
  • Eye Health Resource Guide – helpful information and guide for people looking for more information on having and keeping healthy eyes and vision.
  • Eye Resources – resourceful set of links on a number of useful topics about eye care.

Our eyes and good vision is an important part of our lives. While we sometimes take for granted having good vision and eyesight it is important to protect the sight we do have. While medicine and corrective lenses can help in many cases, it is extremely important that you protect the vision you have.

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